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1.Reliable UK based suppliers of pneumatic tube and hose accessories

Ankkap Pneumatics is a UK based air hose company supplying high quality PU tube, spring coils and round belts.  Based in the South East, approximately 30 miles from Heathrow airport, the company is well connected to all customers in Western Europe, North America and rest of the world.

2.Where are you based?

Ankkap Pneumatics are based in Berkshire, United Kingdom.  The company is very well connected by road, air and sea. Based near London, the company serves customers across the United Kingdom, Western Europe and North America.

3.Do you serve retail or wholesale trade customers?

We supply both trade (wholesale) customers and retail clients.   Trade customers can request quotation for stock and custom manufactured products on our website. Retail customers may place orders using the same web based system. All payments are handled offline by cheques/bank transfers/paypal as per our terms of business.

4.Do you sell only in the UK?

No, we sell globally.  Our customer base is varied and diverse.  We serve  Europe, North America, Australia and Asia Pacific countries.

5.What standards of Quality do you follow?

The company follows high quality standards accepted worldwide in the flexible air hose industry.

6.Can wholesale trade customers request a quotation online?

Yes! Our web based quotation and order system, also known as ‘QOS’ is industry leading.  No other manufacturer allows both retail and wholesale customers to request quotation as well as  place orders online.  Our wholesale trade customers can request quotation for standard stock specification products as well as customised products.

7.Can retail customers request a quotation online?

No. The reason being we expect retail customers to purchase stock standard specifications only. If retail customers require custom made tubing or have further questions please contact us via email or phone.

8.Can wholesale trade customers place an order online?

Yes.  Wholesale trade customers can request a quotation for any number of stock standard items or customised requests using the web based QOS Quote and Order System.

9.Can retail customers place an order online?

Yes. Our retail customers can order all items on our web based QOS Quotation and Order System.   On submission, retail customers receive an instant confirmation of order with details on payment options available.  At present, we accept only offline payments. The online QOS system therefore serves as an ‘order online, pay offline’ system.

10.Do you have an online store?

Yes.   All customers can place an order online. Payments however are accepted separately in form of Cheques or Bank transfers.

11.What is your returns policy?

Ankkap Pneumatics accepts returns if the goods are faulty. Customers are offered a replacement at no extra cost. However, goods must be unused, in original packaging and fit for resale. Ankkap Pneumatics reserve the right to charge a restocking fee or refuse a refund if the goods are used or returned for a reason other than faulty.

12.I cannot find an answer to my question

Please send your all queries to

13.Get in touch

Please contact us at for all queries in the first instance.

14.What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is widely used form of thermoplastic with far greater beneficial properties when compared to PVC or plastic. It offers higher levels of flexibility and life expectancy compared to PVC.

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