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Welcome to Ankkap Pneumatics UK – we are a global supplier of polyurethane pneumatic tube, spiral tube coils and PU cord belts. We have UK based sales representation and our products benefit from global best practice. We have in-house manufacturing facilities. Ankkap Pneumatics is has supplied to international customers for over 10 years.

Our Business Philosophy: Supply quality pneumatic tubes, spiral pneumatic tube coils and PU round belts at fantastic prices.  Our competitive pricing structure brings business benefits to large and small customers, indeed we count manufacturers in our client list!

So how do we do it? Quite simple actually. Keep costs down by using efficient supply chain & low overheads by being based in the UK. We pass these savings on to you in form of great quality at excellent prices.

Get in touch now. Challenge us now and email your requirement. We have reduced PU tube supply costs for several pneumatic product stockists in the UK and can do the same for you. Please use the contact us form on the right to see how we can help you today.



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